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"Holy crap is she quickkkkkk! This thing is amazing!!!!!! Very impressed all around, this thing is amazing!" 


- 2017 Mercedes AMG C43 Coupe, with the Stage-2 tune. 

Alex T.

"The power increase is very noticeable even at lower rpms and the car still drives very smoothly in "E" mode. In "S" mode the car is a beast with traction acutally an issue not even at WOT. I am very happy with your tune and your service and communication was top notch."


- 2016 E550 with M278, with a Stage-1 tune.

Kevin P.

"Dude it's amazing! I spanked a new 5.0 Mustang HAHAHA"


- 2017 AMG C43 3.0 V6 Bi-Turbo, with the Stage-1 tune.

Shadi A.

"Wow my car is so fast now!"


- 2016 E-400, with the Stage-1.


"Very pleased, turned my mild beast into a MONSTER! At 70mph cruise, I get 27-28mpg on the highway."


- 2014 E550, with the Stage-1 tune.

Paul K.

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