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About OE Tuning

Proven Technologies

Since the days of Henry Ford the automobile has come a long way. The simple Ford engine is now replaced by state of art, electronically controlled engines.  Today's automotive world is an exciting place, driven by new technologies and innovation. OE Tuning specializes in such technologies.

Professionals You Can Trust

OE Tuning specializes in high end, European vehicle tuning. From years of experience tuning vehicles all over the world, OE Tuning provides "Custom Dyno Tuning”, “Flashing” and "Chipping" for nearly all makes and models of vehicles.

Tune All your Vehicles

From rigorous dynamometer testing, OE Tuning develops products to give your vehicle better performance & fuel economy. Whether you drive a C63 AMG, BMW 328i, Lamborghini LP560, or any model in between, OE Tuning has a performance product for your vehicle. Products are available for Gasoline, Diesel and even Bio-fuel vehicles.

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