Veloster Turbo

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Additional Information
Brand Hyundai
Make Hyundai
Model Veloster Turbo
Series -
Engine G4FJ - 1.6L TCI GDI
ECU MED17.9.8
Year 2012+
Stock Peak HP 201
Tuned Peak HP 246
Max HP Gain 45
Stock Peak Torque 195
Tuned Peak Torque 262
Max TQ Gain 67
Modification Description Bench Flash

After testing and dyno tuning Stage2 packages for Veloster 1.6L i4 Turbo, we decided to revisit tuning for an unmodified vehicle running CA91 premium pump gas. Retuning proved to make more power than previous tunes was making to the wheels! Final gains of +55wHp & +71.2wTq @3580rpm & +42wHp & + 28.2wTq @6148rpm (shown on dynograph pictured below). The unmodified run is described in light blue and the tuned run is described in red.

Features of the tune include:

- Increased Boost Pressure

- Removal of “Turbo Lag”

- Ignition and Fuel adjustment

- Improved Throttle Response

- Removed top speed limiter

- RPM can be raised


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