MASERATI Ghibli S Q4 V6 TT 3.0L

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Additional Information
Brand Maserati
Make Maserati
Model Ghibli S Q4 V6 TT 3.0L
ECU MED17.3.4
Year 2013+
Stock Peak HP 404
Tuned Peak HP 455
Max HP Gain 51
Stock Peak Torque 406
Tuned Peak Torque 450
Max TQ Gain 44
Modification Description BENCH FLASH

The Maserati Ghibli S Q4 Bi-turbo 3.0L is a luxurious piece of machinery that combines technology, luxury and performance into one package. From our extensive testing we developed, we saw gains of +51Hp & +44Tq after tuning.

Features of our tune include:

- Increased Boost Targets

- Smoother Power Delivery and Improved Drivability

- Ignition and Fuel Mixture Adjustment

- Raised Speed Limiter

- Improved Throttle Response (No need for Sprint Booster or Go Pedal)

- Torque Limits Raised

This platform is an ECU send in only. Customers sending in their Maserati Ghibli S Q4 ECU to OE Tuning should first, remove their ECU following our removal instructions specific for their vehicle (which we will send once your order is purchased). Then once the ECU is removed, you must please completely fill out and send the ECU information form with your ECU. Our form can be downloaded below -

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