Mercedes Benz A220

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Additional Information
Brand Mercedes Benz
Make Mercedes Benz
Model A220
Series A
Engine M264
ECU MED17.7.7
Year 2019+
Stock Peak HP 188
Tuned Peak HP 230
Max HP Gain 42
Stock Peak Torque 221
Tuned Peak Torque 271
Max TQ Gain 50
Modification Description OBD2 Flash

The 2.0L turbocharged M264 powerplant found in the A220 is proving to be a great platform for modifications and making power from tuning.

-Increased boost targets

- Increased Performance and Drivability

- Fuel and Ignition Adjustment

- Higher Torque request for TCU

- Speed limiter removal

- Improved throttle response

- Rpm and shifting limits can also be increased

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