PORSCHE 987.2 Boxster Spyder DFI

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Additional Information
Model 987.2 Boxster Spyder DFI
Series 987
Year 2010
Stock Peak HP 320
Tuned Peak HP 348
Max HP Gain 28
Stock Peak Torque 273
Tuned Peak Torque 301
Max TQ Gain 28
Modification Description OBD2 Flash
In factory trim, the Boxter Spyder comes with an impressive 320 horsepower and 273 torque, as well as carrying the title of the lightest production Porsche ever built. Will all of these striking statistics to its name, the Boxster Spyder could pose a serious threat to many 911 owners who track their cars on any given weekend. This particular example came to us with a set of custom headers & exhaust, along with a slew of suspension and weight reduction modifications. After we massaged the ECU with our performance software, the figures put down to the wheel started looking a little like the quoted flywheel numbers from the factory. Here are the results…
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