PORSCHE 987 Boxster S 3.4 RS60

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Additional Information
Model 987 Boxster S 3.4 RS60
Series 987 MY08
Engine M9722 62Y
ECU ME7.8.1
Year 2008
Stock Peak HP 299
Tuned Peak HP 316
Max HP Gain 17
Stock Peak Torque 245
Tuned Peak Torque 259
Max TQ Gain 14
Modification Description OBD2 Flash
One of our customers came to us with a beautiful Boxster that you don’t see everyday. This specific car was the limited edition Porsche Boxster RS60 Spyder that was built commemorate the German sports car manufacturers classic 550 Spyder race car from 1960. Outfitted in brilliant GT Silver, this Boxster definitely looked and sounded the part, thanks to its factory installed sports exhaust system which can actuate valves in the exhaust at the touch of a button to really make this car scream . Although this car comes tuned from the factory, there is always more that can be achieved when it comes to performance. This Sunday driver was able to achieve solid gains of +9WHP and +6WTQ throughout the powerband. We went ahead and optimized the throttle response, giving the Boxster the extra kick under acceleration, making this the ultimate Sunday canyon cruiser.
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