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It worked great! My bone stock '16 E550 Coupe ran beautifully with lots of power, but now the power is almost scary. It's now officially the quickest car I've ever owned or been in.

Thank you for the ultra fast ship/delivery of the OBD2 programmer and turnaround of my program file!

-2016 E550 Coupe, with a Stage 1 tune.

Robert H.

"I picked up my car today. Man..... I wasn't expecting such a HUGE difference!! Feels like a totally different car!! Way too much fun to drive!! Thanks"


- 2012 E63 AMG 5.5 Bi-Turbo, with a Stage-1 tune.

Floyd H.

"Holy c*@p,  is she quickkkkkk! This thing is amazing!!!!!! Very impressed all around, this thing is amazing!" 


- 2017 Mercedes AMG C43 Coupe, with the Stage-2 tune. 

Alex T.

"The power increase is very noticeable even at lower rpms and the car still drives very smoothly in "E" mode. In "S" mode the car is a beast with traction acutally an issue not even at WOT. I am very happy with your tune and your service and communication was top notch."


- 2016 E550 with M278, with a Stage-1 tune.

Kevin P.



- 2014 Mercedes C63 AMG with M156 V8 Engine, with the Stage-1 tune.

Roger D.

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