Can dealership service remove my ECU tune?

Many new vehicles can receive software updates from the dealership during a service. These upgrades to the ECU will overwrite the OE Tuning performance tuned file. These dealer updates are generally a good thing, this can fix known issues or improve drivability in some cases. Customers who purchase an ECU upgrade and have their ECU updated during a factory service will be eligible to have their vehicle reflashed by OE Tuning or authorized OE Tuning dealer (where initial install was made) with a "Re-Flash". "Re-Flashing" is free for OBD2 applications. "Re-Flashing" for bench flash ECUs is free 1st time and $200 each time thereafter. The customer is responsible for shipping charges to and from our facilities.

Can I order a replacement OBD2 Flash Loader?

Yes, you can. If you are already an existing customer you can always purchase at a later date or purchase a replacement unit if needed. Proof of purchase in your name is required for no additional charge for new map pack.

Can OE Tuning tune my car if I can not find it listed?

Always try the "Search" function first (top of page, right of center). If no luck still, then please send all tune inquiries to sales@oetuning.com

Do I receive my original ECU back tuned or do you send me an exchange/additional ECU?

Customers who purchase our OE Tuning performance ECU upgrade will receive back their same ECU they sent to us for programming. All modern ECU's are "married" to the vehicle it came out of. Program values, coding, adaptations and immobilizers are vehicle specific and will not allow for a simple ECU exchange.

How do I order?

You can order right here on this website. To find your vehicle, type the details in the search bar, eg, "c63", m4", "f350", "328i", "abarth", etc. For vehicles that do not include an OBD2 flash loader, ECU send in is required. ECU removal instructions specific to your vehicle with be sent in a follow-up email once your order is processed through our system. If you would like your ECU sent back overnight, please select this option when checking out.

If I buy a new car can I transfer my tune to the new vehicle?

No. Tunes are not transferable between vehicles. We offer all repeat customers 20% OFF all tune purchases.

MyGenius is not communicating with my car?

Firstly, have you installed the MyGenius Client software from the memory stick included with purchase? If not, do so and plug MyGenius into your computer with included USB cable and allow MyGenius to complete update before connecting to your vehicle. Once Update is complete, disconnect from computer and connect to the vehicles OBD2 port. Continue read instructions from here. If you cannot communicate with your vehicle after updating MyGenius, make sure your key is in "Position 2" - "Ignition “ON” means Position2/Accessories (All dash lights on, fuel gauge moves, engine NOT running). If you have the option to remove starter button and use key, we recommend using key always.

Raised RPM limit?

We can raise the RPM limit in the tune. Many tunes include a tested, safe and reliable RPM raise. Any custom or additional RPM raise will require you contact OE Tuning directly to discuss.

Top speed limiter delete?

Yes our ECU performance programming will remove/increase the top speed limiter. We strongly recommend high quality speed rated tires for your vehicle. Always adhere to and obey posted top speed limit.

Turnaround time for ECUs mailed in?

Our typical turnaround time for an ECU upgrade is (1) business day. ECU's received by 11 a.m. during our morning shipment will be performance tuned and sent back out the same day they are received.

What does OE Tuning change in my ECU?

Our proprietary ECU tunes have been developed and rigorously tested for maximum performance, and reliability ensuring you have maximum performance, but retain the comfort and smoothness of a daily driver. Our remapping optimizes performance by modifying the ignition timing, throttle mapping (for improved throttle response), fuel curves and air/fuel ratios. We also modify boost mapping on turbocharged vehicles and in some cases increase the rev limiter and always the top speed governor is removed. OE Tuning performance ECU tuning brings out the true potential within your vehicle. OE Tuning modifications do not override any of the vehicles safety operating functions, nor does it interfere with any built in protection features from the factory. This allows you to be assured your OE Tuning performance enhancd tune will provide you with years of trouble free enjoyment.

What is bench flashing?

Bench flashing is a method of reading and writing the ECU that requires the ECU be removed from the vehicle and "tuned on the bench", so to speak.

What is OBD2 flashing?

OBD2 tuning or "flashing", is a method of reading and programming your ECU via the vehicles "On Board Diagnostic" port or OBD2 port. You can locate the OBD2 port under and with-in 1" of the steering column. OBD2 tuning does not require your ECU to be removed from your vehicle for tuning (Special cases required for ECU to be removed to be unlocked for OBD2 programming include; BMW F-Series OBD2 UNLOCK, VAG SIMOS OBD2 UNLOCK, etc).

Will a used MyGenius work on my car?

No. Each MyGenius marries to 1x unique VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). To VIN Un-Lock MyGenius, a $150 fee applies. Once VIN is unlocked, all stored files on MyGenius are deleted. New tune/map pack for the new VIN must be purchase directly through OE Tuning. All purchased maps/map packs are non-transferable. MyGenius married to another tuners system will not work with our system. Only MyGenius purchased through OE Tuning will work with OE Tuning Map Packs.

Will additional performance parts require the ECU to be reprogrammed if I am already tuned?

Typically, simple bolt-on components (such as drop in air filters, performance rear mufflers, and cat-back exhaust modifications) will not require the ECU to be re-flashed. Dramatic changes to exhaust, intake or installation of a "Performance Kit" will require modifications to the ECU to accommodate for these upgrades and to ensure maximum performance. For OBD-II, re-tuning fee starts at $100. For bench flash ECU, re-tuning the fee starts at $250.

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